The new Provincial Councils

The new Provincial Councils

Dear Sisters,

Today, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Tempie, I wouid like to communicate the names of the Sisters who will make up the Provincial and Delegation Councils of our Canossian world for the three-year period 2018-2021. The General Council has preserved the tradition of presenting the Sisters involved in Government during this Feast. It is a date that invites us to renew our faith and remember that our Institute is a human structure but, at the same time, a spiritual reality.

The Sisters, called to serve the Provinces and Delegations, will share, along with all of you, a new phase of our journey and continue the course of the preceding Councils, where continuity and newness will be intertwined and completed.

Together you are called to discover that phrase “it means more” proposed by our Foundress that requires us to look at the reality of our Institute’s Organs of government with new eyes and take another step forward with responsibility, steadfastness and trusting courage.

It is important to give new freshness, to reflect on the present situation to discover requirements and new possibilities, to make new choices and avoid the “status quo” that could offer greater security but, in generai, is not a fruit of the Spirit.

A new group of government can facilitate this handover.

We are ali asked to make a sincere evaluation of our personal, community and ministerial action. Let us leave to one side our compiaints and criticism, made more or Iess openiy, since they do not heip us to build positively. Let us take on an attitude of collaboration. Let us start this new three-year period offering each other trust. We are ali committed to living our consecration and ali have the same goal. This is the strength that enhances our incisiveness wherever we may find ourseives.

That “something more” we are asked to express, wants us to give the best of ourseives, reaiising this through mutuai acceptance, active participation in our common search to attain choices that are in accordance with the historical moment each Province or Delegation is living.


the Council in an attitude of fraternal encouragement. Many of them have accepted this service with willingness, but also with a certain sense of trepidation, so do make them feel your closeness.

Let us ask the grace of a “radiant and attractive witness of fraternal communion. Let everyone admire how you care for one another, and how you encourage and accompany one another.” (E.G. 99)

We are dealing with a beautiful moment, meaningful and open to hope. We are dealing with a new opportunity for us to walk together in creative fidelity. You have the chance to realise ‘something new’ that the Institute is asking of itself and be a gift of God at the service of the Church and our brothers and sisters. Let us entrust it to the Lord because His Spirit may illumine us and guide us to see and set out towards new horizons, in communion with the Sisters of the Councils.

I renew my thanks to the Sisters who have accepted this new task and to all of you I wish that hope may be transformed into fruitful reality, taken on by all of you to carry out the mission for which we have been chosen.

I entrust to Mary, Mother of God and Mother of our Institute, the desire that is in the heart of each one of you to build this new journey that is about to begin in communion.

United with my Councillors, I express my cordial wishes




1 – Province R.D. Congo – Togo “S. Giuseppina Bakhita”
Sr. Josephine Ngadho Dusi
Sr. Rose Degue

Sr. Daniela Balzarotti
Sr. Claudine Wayo

2 – Province North East Africa “Queen of Apostles”
Sr. Maria Angela Massenti 
Sr. Tessy Ayallookunnel
Sr. Dafrosa Kalinga
Sr. Elizabeth Kamuikeni
Sr. Immaculata Rugumila

3 – Delegation Angola – Sao Tomè “Mãe da Misericordia”
Sr. Vittorina Vaghi
Sr. Paula Cristina Boa E. Capela
Sr. M. De Lourdes Quintas


4 – Province Argentina – Paraguay “N. Señora de Lujan”
Sr. Mariana Herminia Litmanovich
Sr. Maria Josè Dahn
Sr. Valeria Amaya
Sr. Beatriz Storari

5 – Province Brasile “N. Senhora Aparecida”
Sr. Vilma Vitoreti
Sr. Maria Cristina Rossini
Sr. Sandra Maria Noleto
Sr. Manoela Pereira

6 – Province Nord America “Cristo Rey”
Sr. Anna Maria Serafini
Sr. Nicetas Guan

Sr. Genoveffa Aldeghi


7 – Province Filippine – PNG “Sacred Heart”
Sr. Lilia Nuesca
Sr. Amelia Manlusoc
Sr. Charito Balancin
Sr. Magdalena Larcia

8 – Province Giappone “San Michele Arcangelo”
Sr. Maria Francesca Hirakawa
Sr. Valeria Martinez
Sr. Teresa Sumi

9 – Province Hong Kong “Regina Martyrum”
Sr. Regina But Cheuk Yee
Sr. Virginia Wong
Sr. Lucia Cheung
Sr. Virginia Ip

10 – Province India Nord “Queen of Peace”
Sr. Zinia De Souza
Sr. Nirmaia Karukathara
Sr. Diya Ekka
Sr. Lisa Thundiyil

11 – Province India Centro “St. Francis Xavier”
Sr. Josemary Keelath
Sr. Juliana D’Mello
Sr. Annie Urumpel
Sr. Esperanca Vaz

12 – Province India Sud “Mary Immaculate”
Sr. Josephine Nathan
Sr. Laly Alex
Sr. Sonia Alexander
Sr. Daisy Antony

13 – Delegation South East India “St. Josephine Bakhita”
Sr. Teresa Alappat Mathew
Sr. Thankam Alakkal
Sr. Philomena Joseph

14 – Provincia Indonesia “Divine Mercy”
Sr. Margarete Sta Maria
Sr. Ligaya Paderon
Sr. Gaudensiana Soik

15 – Province Malaysia “Mater Dei”
Sr. Christina Law Lai Tin
Sr. Geraldine Tan
Sr. Rajoo Santhanameri

16 – Province Singapore-Myanmar “St. Anthony”
Sr. Christina Yeo Sui Chin
Sr. Geraldine Tan
Sr. Louisa Lim

17 – Province Timor East “San Giuseppe”
Sr. Estrella Vasquez
Sr. Ervinia Brito

Sr. Natalina Dos Santos
Sr. Dulce Magno


18 – Delegation Australia “St. Theresa of Jesus”
Sr. Rosalia Yeo Gek Chin
Sr. Melissa Therese Dwyer
Sr. June Rose Grindall


19 – Delegation Europe “Mater Ecclesiae”
Sr. Gabriella De Riva
Sr. Elizabeth Naduvilaveettil
Sr. Aurora Pires

20 – Province Italy “S. Maddalena di Canossa”
Sr. Marilena Pagiato
Sr. Maria Grazia Bongarzone
Sr. Miriam Campisi
Sr. Giovanna Della Luna
Sr. Maria Pina Lombardini
Sr. Gabriella Oneta
Sr. Paola Pizzato