At Christmas, Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart

At Christmas, Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart

Dearest lay Canossian friends, families, teachers …

Once again Christmas knocks on the door of our heart. Sometimes our heart bears the burden of the many worries that everyday life brings to us. In this Christmas, though, the infinite love of God reach us once again: hidden in the frail flesh of a newborn child, He brings salvation to the whole mankind.

Thanks to Virgin Mary’s Yes, the eternal Word of the Father became flesh and we are offered a new opportunity: an opportunity to open our heart to the Good News with generosity. Through our own Yes to the Lord, Jesus can once again become flesh; He can put his tent of salvation, of justice, of mercy, of compassion, of truth and peace in our history, no matter the indifference He faces in our culture, even in our families.

Jesus, the Emmanuel, God with us, now and always is looking for hearts that are able to welcome Him, take care, bring him in this world so much in need of salvation.

We are thus charged with a great responsibility. We must listen to the voices of such a world, we can’t let down our sisters and brothers who suffer, who are in need. Jesus is born in the people’s heart only when we announce His Gospel.

It is with these feelings that I wish to all our lay friends in the world to live this Holy Christmas 2017 going back to the roots of our faith, charisma and mission, which is to announce Jesus and get the world to know Him, and especially to reach out to the people who forgot Him.

Along with all our Sisters in the world, I wish you a holy and blessed Christmas.