Journeying towards Christmas. Letter of Mother General

Journeying towards Christmas. Letter of Mother General

Dear Sisters,
best wishes for the beginning of Advent and Happy Christmas!

During this Advent, a time rich in hope and the certainty of His Coming, I would like to share with you the words of St. Augustine that have made a deep impression on me.

Your desire is your prayer: if your desire is continuous, so too will be your prayer.
[Comment on the Psalms]

I asked myself, “Which is my desire; and my prayer?
What could be our desire and our prayer in this ‘Advent’ so special for our ‘least Institute’ in which we are renewing the Councils of the Provinces and Delegations with the Sisters who have accepted and will accept this service for the next three years?
Can all of us begin this time of expectation with new hope, with the desire of journeying together?”

I would like to share my desire, my prayer.
Believe in the continual search, by all of us, of “God Alone”, typical of our spirituality, not simply as intimism that separates us from our brothers and sisters, but as openness to God’s working in us that brings us together and makes us stronger, constant and persevering in loving them.

Believe that change is possible, but becomes impossible if it does not start from each one of us. Change in structures may be effective only if accompanied by the conversion of our daily personal behaviour, which shows itself in a growing capacity to love.

Believe that it is possible to continue our journey with enthusiasm, in newness of life, without losing a true sense of realism and being aware that the Institute is God’s gift to the Church. He works with us according to the measure of our Faith and Hope.

Dear Sisters, this is my prayer for all of you during this Advent.
Let us unite our desires in one single prayer. May Christmas find us united with energy renewed by the Hope that comes from this certainty: Christ is coming and He is among us!

Together with my Councillors,
Best wishes,




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