The new Provincial Superiors and Superiors of Delegation

The new Provincial Superiors and Superiors of Delegation

To all the Sisters of the Provinces and Delegations of the Institute

“Our Institute, present in all the continents, forms one single Religious Family, animated by the same charismatic inspiration, the same passion, for the one mission and fidelity to the same Rule of Life” (RoL 78)

Dear Sisters,
on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, which begins the New Year, I announce the appointment of the Provincial and Delegation Superiors.
To her I entrust our “humble Institute” that, as one Family, we continue our journey in the 32 Nations in which we find ourselves.

On this day, in which we celebrate the 54th World Day of Peace, we invoke this gift for all humanity, for our Institute and for each one of us, we ask the Lord for the grace to be instruments of His peace.
At this period, the whole human race is living in a particular time, and we are called to face new challenges together with courage and evangelical responses, to walk a new part of “our” history in fraternal communion, with trust and hope.


I thank the Sisters who have carried out the service of Provincial and Delegation Superiors, for their commitment to formation, to increase the family spirit and the sense of belonging that creates unity; for having fostered collaboration and strengthened the ministerial impetus in response to current needs.

My thanks go to the Sisters who have accepted the new mandate with availability and generosity and are willing to begin their new mission. We go forward to receive them with fraternal affection, with a welcome based on faith and concrete gestures that help them to overcome the fear of a challenging beginning. May the homily of Pope Francis, on December 24, 2020, be an inspiration and a help for them.

Dear Sisters, let us continue with the process for the formation of the Provincial and Delegation Councils. You are now called to express yourselves on the Provincial and Delegation Councillors whom you deem most suitable and are able to collaborate actively and prudently in communion with the Superior of your Organism in the service of authority.

Let us invoke the Lord Jesus so that through the action of His Spirit, may He be the inspirer of our choices.

Together with the Councillors, I greet you with affection

P. S. I refer to the Attachment of my letter dated November 1, 2020, the completed forms are to arrive in the Generalate, Rome by January 25, 2021.

The new Provincial Superiors and Superiors of Delegation for the 2021–2024 term


R.D. Congo – Togo

S. Giuseppina Bakhita

Sr. Marie Stella Kadi Apay


Nord Est Africa

Queen of Apostles

Sr. Elisabeth Josephine Kamuikeni


Delegazione Angola – S. Tomè

Mãe Da Misericordia

Sr. Lucia Teresinha Antonio



Argentina – Paraguay

N. Seňora de Lujan

Sr. Maria José Dähn



N. Senhora Aparecida

Sr. Manoela Pereira Nunes


Nord America

Cristo Rey

Sr. Anna Maria Serafini



Filippine – PNG

Sacred Heart

Sr. Lilia Nuesca



San Michele Arcangelo

Sr. Valeria Cristina Martinez Cabrero


Hong Kong

Regina Martyrum

Sr. Virginia Pui Ling Wong


India Nord

Queen of Peace

Sr. Zinia De Souza Jose


India Centro

St. Francis Xavier

Sr. Audrey D’Souza


India Sud

Mary Immaculate

Sr. Josephine Nathan


Delegazione Sud Est India

St. Josephine Bakhita

Sr. Teresa Alappat



Divine Mercy

Sr. Margarete Sta Maria



Mater Dei

Sr. Christin Law Lai Tin


Singapore – Myanmar

St. Anthony

Sr. Christina Yeo Sui Chin


Timor Est

San Giuseppe

Sr. Dulce Maria Sri Indah Fernandes Magno Dos Santos



Delegazione Australia

St. Theresa of Jesus

Sr. Melissa Therese Dwyer



Delegazione Europea

Mater Ecclesiae

Sr. Liliana Ugoletti



S. Maddalena di Canossa

Sr. Maria Grazia Bongarzone

Sr. Daniela Balzarotti è stata nominata come Economa Generale.


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